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11:00    Introduction

11:05    Mobile apps for open data

11:20    Question time

11:30    End

Citadel on the move  -  Mobile apps for open data


Citadel on the Move is a European Commission funded (CIP PSP) project which aims to make it easier for citizens and application developers from across Europe to use Open Data to create the type of innovative mobile applications they want and need.

Open Government Data is often difficult to access and use by the developer community, let alone the average citizen. Citadel on the Move aims to overcome this challenge by:

  • Defining strategies that make it easier for local government to release data in useable, interoperable formats;
  • Creating and providing templates that make it easier for developers and citizens to create mobile applications that can be potentially used and shared across Europe;
  • Pooling tools and resources into an Open Data Commons that facilitates access to data in different formats by shared templates and applications.


Flemish eGovernment Co-ordination Unit

Geert Mareels, born in 1962, holds master degrees in Administrative Management and in Political Science. He was chief of staff to 3 different ministers from 1995 till 2004. Since  October 2004 he leads CORVE, the eGovernment service of the Flemish Region in Belgium. Corve is specialized in exchanging data between all government administrations on local, regional and federal level. He is also a member of the Flemish Privacy Commission. He’s project coordinator of a EU project “Citadel on the Move”  that aims to facilitate the use of Mobile apps by all municipalities and of a new project “Open Transport Network”.   In his spare time he wrote a novel and is member of the board of editors of a magazine on political and social topics.