Cybersecurity - a major threat to digital transformation !

Digital evolution brings new security challenges !

Discover how the public sector are redesigning services through digital transformation, creating digital citizens, understanding AI and improving engagement whilst reducing costs.

Similar to commercial organizations, the Public Sector faces issues that require immediate attention: from a high volume of work that blocks productivity, to employee shortage, from frequent regulatory and policy modifications to insufficient collaboratory tools to allow different departments to synchronize.

The Congres will welcome cyber security and ICT professionals from across central government, local government, and wider public sector, to tackle key issues at the heart of Belgium public sector and discover, determine and deliberate the latest developments, strategies and technologies available to successfully defend organisations online.


10:00 - 10:15                                                  

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Network drink

Christine Copers

Daniel Letecheur

David Callebaut 

Prof. dr. Bart Preneel 

Mark Vandenwauver 

Robin Custers
Jos Verrelst

Johan Smekens

Frédéric Ruelle

Kurt Maekelberghe

10:15   Christine Copers  Inleiding - Introduction     

             Innovation Manager

             DG Digital Transformation

             FOD BOSA

10:20    Prof. dr. Bart Preneel                                            .....

             KU Leuven

             Head of COSIC research group

             Computer security & industrial cryptpgraphy

11:10    Mark Vandenwauver   How to build a successful cyber security strategy (*)

             B.U. Manager Security

             Information security officer


11:40    Robin Custers  Groeipakket: Automatic rights by using a smart digital combination of electronic



             Jos Verrelst

             Programma manager

             Kind en Gezin

12:20    Lunch

13:30    Frédéric Ruelle  Les spécificités de l'information classifiée dans un monde digital en transformation         

             SPF Affaires étrangères

14:00    David Callebaut      #EpicFail: Waarom incidenten nog steeds gebeuren           

              Information,Privacy & Cyber Risk Executive

              Infosentry - Cronos

14:30    Daniel Letecheur  Innovation, nouveaux paradigmes, évolution ou révolution pour la protection des       
                                            systèmes d'information ?

             CISO & DPO

             SPF BOSA

15:00    Kurt Maekelberghe  A practice testimony on the implementation implementation of information  security

                                               and data protection at the Crossroads Bank for Social Security 

             Data Protection Officer KSZ

             Security Head of Information


15:30   Johan Smekens    Embedding security into your business processes, use case Femish government

            Chief security officer

            Het facilitair bedijf

            Voorzitter werkgroep informatie veiligheid

            Vlaamse overheid

(*) Abstract:

In today’s interconnected world, cyber security has not only become a topic discussed in the boardroom or in the government but it constitutes a challenge which is increasingly more difficult to master.

In order to become a cyber resilient entity, an organization needs to balance the costs and efforts required to protect itself with the rising numbers of potential attackers, ranging from state sponsored to so called script kiddies. In this presentation we will show how an organization can achieve this goal by carefully balancing an information security risk focused approach with an information security maturity model.

Marc Vandenwauver

Practical information   


FOD Justitie - SPF Justice

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